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New duo CD with super irish fiddler Caoimhin O Raghallaigh! His beautiful ten string “Hardanger d’Amore” blends perfectly with Garth’s viola d’amore, in a mix of traditional Irish tunes and free improvisation. Now available here.

Song of Songs

Garth Knox’s latest CD release is called “Song of Songs” and features “Naturale” by Luciano Berio for viola, tape and pecussion, “Just” by David Lang and “En la Mar” by Betty Olivero. Fellow performers on the recording : the Trio Medieval (voice), Agnès Vesterman (cello), Sylvain Lemetre (percussion), Cliona Doris (harp). Available now on iTunes

Saltarello Garth Knox


In March 2012, Garth Knox’s new CD with ECM. Playing viola, viola d’amore and medieval fiddle, he is accompanied by Agnès Vesterman, cello, and Sylvain Lemêtre, percussion, in a wide-ranging repertoire, reaching from Hildegard von Bingen to Kaija Saariaho, and including Dowland, Purcell, Vivaldi and Knox himself, as well as some Irish traditional music.
More info : ECM Records
Ref: ECM New Series 2157

CD Saltarello : Video

Solo Viola d’Amore Vol. 5

CD Viola d'Amore vol V
Viola d’Amore vol V


Garth Knox

In reply to an invitation from the innovative net-label Shsk’h, Garth Knox recorded this collection of improvisations on solo viola d’amore in New York in November 2009. Tracks range from “Oriental Blues”, improvisations with amplified sympathetic strings, african-inspired running pizzicato, and a track acompanied by the motor noises of a living sculpture.

Garth Knox’s first online CD is now available for listening and downloading at

Ref: SHSK’H Vol. 5

CD Saltarello : Video

Viola Spaces

Mode 207


Part studies in the viola and part concert music, Knox pushes the envelope in the possibilities of his instrument and creates some really interesting music.  The later tracks on the album are also fun, especially Jonah and the Whale.  What really grabs me about this album is that its fun to listen to regardless of the interesting techniques used.  Its simply good music that a non-expert could enjoy.  Also on the album: Johannes Eva, Julien Heichelbech, Marie Petit, Cyprien Busolini, Aurelien Grais, Carol Robinson, Nathalie Chabot, Agnès Vesterman, and Gerard Buquet. A really fascinating record.
Web Review : New Record roundup 17th July 2009 by Doug
Ref: Mode 207

D’amore Garth Knox and Agnès Vesrerman


Garth Knox turns his attention to the viola d’amore for the first ECM disc issued under his name. In Knox’s hands this almost-forgotten baroque instrument takes on a new life as he applies it to music from 1600 to the present day. Repertoire includes music by Tobias Hume and Marin Marais from the 17th century, by Attilio Ariosti from the 18th century, by Klaus Huber and Roland Moser from the 20th, and by Knox himself from the 21st. Garth also offers arrangements of folk music from Celtic sources that connect to his own Irish/Scottish heritage. A wonderful programme superbly played by Knox and French cellist Agnès Vesterman.
Ref: ECM 1925

Utopian Dances

Music composed and improvised on the theme of Utopia, for a conference on this subject in Voralberg in 2007. Performed by Magali Imbert (flutes, percussion) and Garth Knox viola, viola d’amore and medieval fiddle).

Available as a free download at Last Fm.

Passing Images Frode Haltli

Frode CD

Frode Haltli, acknowledged as one of the most outstanding accordion soloists in contemporary music, is also an exceptional improviser and an authority on folk music. His second ECM recording under his own name brings all of these aspects of his musical character together. Repertoire includes a psalm from the western fjords, a lyrical waltz from Haltlis’ home village near the Swedish border, a Roma traveller tune that suggests Albert Ayler’s sound-world.

With a supporting cast including Irish-Scottish classical viola player Garth Knox (ex-Arditti Quartet) as well as Norwegian partners composer/singer Maja Ratkje and trumpeter Arve Henriksen, Haltli offers a radical new look at music from traditional sources.

Ref: ECM 1913

GoldBerg’s Ghost

Goldberg Ghost

J.S. Bach & Ton de Kruyf, Garth Knox, Brice Pauset, Marcel Reuter, Bernard Struber

At the crossroads between period and modern instruments, Goldberg’s Ghost takes possession of the score of the Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach, of which the aria, the Quodlibet and the complete canons have been retained, spiced up for the occasion with creations by Garth Knox, Bernard Struber, Ton de Kruyf, Brice Pauset and Marcel Reuter – an astonishing, inspired and prestigious mix. Anne Galowich’s delicate harpsichord opens the ball and Garth Knox sets the tone on a viole d’amour, for a fascinating initiatory quest which leads us to reflect about the timelessness of the Cantor’s genius.

Ref: Fuga Libera FUG 533